RCCE Update

Women in Science Articles

Op-Ed: The still-tolerated gender bias in science

Posted by: Sarah M. Demers

“I have been around the block and back on the topic of women in science. I would much rather be writing about the Higgs boson, the physics of music, or what we know about effective science education. But subconscious bias against women in science is real, it is damaging and while the studies we see suggest that it is almost universally practiced, it is far from universally acknowledged.”

A Conversation with Athene Donald: Family, Physics and Finding Support

Written by Jessica Orwig

“UTM: What made you decide to study physics when so few women were doing so at the time you were in college?”

“It certainly did not strike me as relevant that there were not many women. I loved the subject so that was the only thing that mattered.”

Inside the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory with Elaine McCluskey

Written by Jessica Orwig

“UTM: More women are pursuing careers in STEM fields than ever before. However, reports suggest that bias and discrimination are sometimes problematic. In your experience, have you encountered barriers on account of your gender?”

“Generally, I have not felt that being a woman was a handicap. One exception was when I was young engineer doing field work. Part of being a civil engineer is going out in the field, seeing how things are going and making sure the work you’re designing is being built correctly. To do this you work with trade contractors. At the time I found that many trade contractors, especially older men, were not happy to have a young woman telling them how to do their job.”


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