Annual Conference- WE13

     My first conference was last year at WE12 in Houston.  No one from our WVU section had ever been to the annual conference, so we were all new to this.  While I was a little nervous at first, it ended up being a fun and beneficial experience.  I’m definitely glad I went.  I learned a lot about SWE, and was inspired to become more involved with the organization.

     SWE’s annual conference is huge- there were more people at WE12 than in my entire hometown!  There really is something for everyone.  All the speakers and events are organized into different tracks to help you figure out which ones to attend.  Some of the tracks include Career and Life Transitions, Careers in Government and Military, Inclusion and Cultural Awareness, Innovation in Technology and Business, among others.  Last year, I made use of the WE12 app on my smartphone to find the right events for me.  It even sent me reminders when events I had marked were coming up!  While there is nothing wrong with just going with the flow and attending sessions as you find them, planning ahead can help you from feeling overwhelmed with everything going on.

     Some highlights that I will definitely check out at WE13 in Baltimore include the iScream Social, the Region G meeting, the hospitality suites, the career fair, the Collegiate Leadership Institute, and Celebrate SWE.  I haven’t chosen specific sessions to attend yet, but there are so many interesting ones that I’m sure my schedule will be full.  For more information about WE13, including registration, schedules, career fair information, and more, click here: http://we13.swe.org/ .  See you in Baltimore!


Ruth Williams

Region G RCCE

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