Section Spotlight: University of Akron


Every year since 2001, the University of Akron’s SWE section participates in the Holiday Tree Festival at Akron Children’s Hospital. The festival is free to attend, and features Christmas trees that are donated by various organizations and individuals alike. All of the trees have themes, and this year, UA’s SWE section went with a “geome-tree” (read: geometry) theme. This theme was nominated and selected during our Fall Planning Retreat, and was expanded upon throughout the semester. The theme allowed the section to create ornaments made from holiday scrapbook paper in various geometric shapes, as well as have other similarly themed decorations and gifts beneath the tree. This event is a great way for the UA SWE section and Akron community to come together to better the lives of those at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Katy Dzurisin
Region G Section 076 President, Society of Women Engineers, FY13-14
Biomedical Engineering, The University of Akron Class of 2014








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