December Hot Topic- Rewarding Members

Rewarding members can be a good way to keep them active and engaged with SWE.  It can encourage or even increase involvement. Here are some tips for rewarding members:

  • Have an officer dinner at the end of they year to reward a year of hard work.
  • Give certificates or plaques to graduating senior members.
  • Award a prize to the person who sells the most raffle tickets, baked goods, fundraiser items, etc.
  • At the last meeting of the year, give out awards for particularly active members, such as best fundraiser, most active freshman (sophomore, junior, and senior), most engaged in outreach, most enthusiastic member, behind the scenes star, etc.
  • Keep a point system of involvement throughout the year.  At the end of the year, these points translate into drawings for prizes, such as SWE shirts, pencils, bags, etc.

One great thing about SWE is that just being involved can be rewarding in itself!



After I posted this, our governor Lisa reminded me that I completely forgot about Region G and Society level awards!  This is another great way to reward members.  For more information about Region G awards click here and for information about Society level awards click here.


Ruth Williams

Region G RCCE


One thought on “December Hot Topic- Rewarding Members

  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas on how to recognize members … also, don’t forget about the formal process of SWE Awards at the Society and Region level.

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