Section Spotlight: Professional Development and Outreach

     Ohio State SWE had a busy and successful fall 2013 semester with professional development and outreach events.  The officers this year have worked hard to create interesting and useful SWE events to keep members of the club active and were successful in doing so.  Some events that the section held include:  informational sessions with select companies, a career fair preparation session, networking sessions, and many more social activities.

     Our SWE section provided many opportunities for professional development and networking with the assistance of SWE professionals and company representatives.  Members of our section were able to receive resume reviews, tips for interviews, and appropriate ways to approach company representatives at career fairs from these sessions.  In addition to just advice, many SWEsters were able to talk to representatives from companies they were interested in interning or working for.  These types of sessions are very beneficial and drew fairly large crowds.  Most of these sessions came prior to Ohio State’s career fair so that students would be prepared for it.  One session offered after the career fair was a laid back networking night right after the career fair allowing students to talk to company representatives in a more relaxed setting.

     In addition to professional development, Ohio State SWE strives to provide outreach events to the members.  During the fall semester, a few SWE members who had time in their schedules during the day would volunteer weekly at Monroe Middle School, a public school in Columbus where our members would help 8th graders with engineering projects and try and spark their interest in engineering.  This project continued throughout the duration of the semester.  Another exciting outreach experience was the Girl Scout Tech bridge event.  At this event, several Girl Scout troops were invited to Ohio State campus in order to learn about and create an engineering project.  Through this experience, many grade school girls were introduced to the functionality of circuits and also given general insight into what engineering is from our members.

     A program that has now continued into its third year on our campus is the SWE Big/Little program where upperclassmen are paired with underclassmen in the same engineering major in order to draw interest from underclassmen to provide guidance and create friendship among SWE members.  This year the Big/Little activities have included a movie night, volunteering, yoga, and a craft night.  This program has shown to be a continuing success in creating SWE interest among underclassmen.

     Another continued outreach and educational program our chapter participates in is the CAR event.  CAR is an acronym for Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State.  At this facility, SWE members are taught basic car care.  This care includes learning to change a tire, checking/inflating air in tires, and changing the oil on a vehicle.  The process is very interactive and members learned a lot from the experience.   This event also drew a large crowd that was eager to learn.Image


Big/Little SWE Craft and Cookie Night
SWE with Girl Scouts at the Tech Bridge Event

Natalie Sample
Ohio State Society of Women Engineers
2013-2014 Historian


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