Getting to Know Your Region Leaders: RCS Edition



Name: Melissa Lindsey

School: The Ohio State University

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: 4 of 5

What is your current SWE position and what do you do? I am currently the Region G Collegiate Senator (RCS).  I act as a liaison between our region and the society senate.  As a senator, I relay information regarding upcoming bylaw votes to the region so they can be discussed.  I then take into account the region’s opinions and vote!

I am also a part of the Region G Travel Policy Committee.  We are currently reworking the region’s travel policy to make it more user-friendly and enable our members to take advantage of our funds!

Involvement with SWE (years, positions, etc): In the past, I have been very involved in Ohio State’s SWE section.  My sophomore year, I was the Outreach Director, and last year I was the Internal Vice President. 

Favorite outreach event(s) you’ve done with SWE: Some of my favorite outreach events that I’ve done with SWE is our annual Junkyard Battles event.  We reach out to central Ohio high schools to recruit young ladies with an interest in engineering.  During the event, we encourage them to think outside of the box and complete various tasks.  Its always fun to see what new ideas the groups come up with!

Favorite thing about SWE: My favorite thing about SWE is how it affects every part of my life, both personally, academically, and professionally.  I have made friends, gotten an internship, travelled to conferences, networked, and enriched my leadership skills.  Without SWE, none of these things would have happened.

What do you like to do outside of SWE? Outside of SWE, I love to travel, watch the Food Network, and take naps. 


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