Contribute your voice and vision to the WE14 promotiona​l video

Help Us Build the Excitement for Our Global Exchange for Change

We want you to help us create the WE14 promo video! We invite anyone and everyone to submit short video clips on the WE experience. We want to tell those who haven’t attended a WE conference why they should join us in L.A. next October. And, for past attendees, we want to reinforce why it’s important to come together to support women in engineering and technology.

The theme for WE14 is “A Global Exchange for Change” to underscore the growing importance and influence of women in engineering and technology around the world. It’s also perfect because during WE14, SWE is honored to welcome members of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) for ICWES16. Now celebrating 50 years since the first occasion that SWE hosted ICWES, this exclusive partnership invites collaboration between engineers and scientists.

Here’s what we’d like from you:

  1. Tell us why WE14 is the perfect place to foster global change for women in engineering and technology. Tell us yourself, interview other SWE members, talk to your colleagues, faculty advisors, professors, etc.
  2. Draw on your own personal experience at past WE conferences to describe highlights of this annual conference for women engineers. Here are a few topics to consider (NOTE: we are not asking you to comment on every topic; pick and choose what you like. But if you want to tackle everything, great!):
    • Education – How has the education program helped you succeed in school, on the job or in life beyond engineering?
    • Networking – Tell us why you think it’s important to be onsite to make connections. Examples of how networking has helped you succeed are encouraged
    • Career Fair – Have you found a job or internship through the WE Career Fair? Tell us about it. And tell us how unique our career fair is compared to other job hunting opportunities. Have you hired women onsite or as a result of our career fair? We’d love to hear about your experience(s) and the types of candidates you’ve found.
    • Onsite Events – From the Ice Cream Social (which will be once again called the iScream Social) and the Career Fair Opening to the Keynote Breakfast, Awards Banquet and Celebrate SWE!, WE is full of outstanding events. But what can you say about them? Feel free to share stories about technical and non-technical tours, too.
    • A Special Invitation to Your Science Colleagues – Add a shout out to the women in science out there. Express why you feel it’s important to bring women in engineering and women in science together. You can learn more about INWES here.
    • Anything else WE-Related You Can Think Of! – Be creative, but whatever you share should be designed to encourage attendance at WE14.

All submissions will be reviewed and SWE reserves the right to include or exclude clips at our discretion. Not every clip will be used and we will most likely use snippets from submissions for the final video.

Please keep it professional, but do have fun. Have a “Go Cam?” Put it to good use!

Get permission for anyone who appears in your video. Don’t include anyone who hasn’t consented to be on camera. You should get their permission either in writing or they can just talk into the camera.

Videos must be submitted in .wmv, .mov or .mpg formats, no larger than 100 MB.

Please do not add any titles to your video, just raw clips are fine. You should introduce yourself on camera. Also, do not add any music, copyrighted images, etc. We won’t be able to use these submissions.

All Submissions Due by February 28th – videos can be submitted here

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