Getting to Know Your Region Leaders: Governor Edition

  • Name: Lisa Rimpf
  • Company/Position: Lisa has worked for 8 years for Babcock & Wilcox.  She works in the power generation division as an environmental technology research team leader.  This position deals with pollution control equipment at lab facilities and pilot plants.  It’s a cool job that she enjoys!
  • SWE position: The job of the governor is to coordinate activities of professionals and collegiates in Region G and interface with region and section leaders.  The governor reports to the Director of Regions.  Everything that falls down from the top, Lisa passes along to those in the region.  However, a lot of information also comes from the bottom up.  Being the region governor is a lot like being a mid-level manager of a company.
  • Other SWE involvement:  Lisa has held many positions in SWE in the G003 professional section.  She has been the section rep, vice president, membership chair, and president.  She was the SWE counselor for the University of Akron collegiate section until she began her role as governor.  She was also the chair of the 2005 region conference, which had the theme “Building the Bridge to Success.”
  • Favorite outreach event with SWE:  Lisa’s favorite outreach event she has participated in with SWE is something she has done for 10 years.  It’s called “Picture Yourself as an Engineer” and takes place in Akron every April.  Companies in the area interact with middle and high school students.  Although SWE is not the organizer of this event, Lisa has enjoyed participating in this even with SWE.
  • Favorite part of SWE:  Lisa has two favorite aspects of SWE.  The first is leadership development.  SWE has helped her gain leadership skills in a friendly environment.  Since you’re volunteering, you won’t get fired!  It’s good practice for a job, with awesome mentoring.  The second aspect is camaraderie and the ability to immediately have something in common.  SWE allows you to build friendships and informal mentoring.
  • Advice for an aspiring engineer:  Follow your passion!  If it’s not your passion, it will be harder.  Even still, not every day will be a cakewalk.
  • Interests outside of SWE:  As Lisa puts it, she is overly active in other organizations!  She is active with Susan G. Comen, American Cancer Society, and Relay for Life.  She is also on the board of directors of the German-American Cultural Center in Cleveland.  Lisa is a first-generation American, and has been involved with German folk dance sine the age of five.

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