Professional Senator, Nominating Committee Representative

Region G Slate for FY15/16:  Senator and Region Representative to the Society Nominating Committee

The Region G nominating Committee has completed our Nominating Process for the slate for the FY15/16 Professional Senator and Region G Representative to the Society Nominating Committee.

Professional Senator

  • Ramona Anand (Northeastern Ohio, G003)
  • Kathryn Kukla (Pittsburgh, G004)

Region G Representative to Society Nominating Committee

  • Mary Kinsella (South Ohio, G005)

Per the Bylaws of the Region G_Approved by SocSect 06-30-11there is a process for petitioning other candidates.  Additional candidates may be nominated by petition, provided that:

  1. The member is eligible for the position;
  2. The member has given written consent to being placed on the ballot;
  3. A minimum of two percent of the voting members of the region have signed a petition or endorsed an e-mail to place the candidate’s name on the ballot, with  no more than half of the signatures or endorsements having been made from any one professional section or the members at large; and
  4. The petition, together with the written consent, is submitted to the nominating committee prior to February 20.


The petition period begins today and will close on Feb 20th.  All petitions must be sent to Helen Patricia (Helen.Patricia@swe.org) by 11:59 PM EST on Feb 20th.

The candidates for Professional Senator will be submitted to Society Headquarters on March 1st to be included in the Society Ballot.  All other positions need to be voted on by the Region Council between March 1st and May 1st.  I will look to Lisa Rimpf, Region G Governor, to lead this election.

A call for Region G officers – Secretary and Treasurer will be sent out in the near future.

If there are questions by any members interested in petitioning to be added to the ballot, please refer them to a member of the region Nominating committee.    If there are any questions on the slate please let me know.


Helen Patricia, Region G Nominating Committee Chair – Pittsburgh, G004
Margaret Adriatico – South Ohio, G005

Karen Bozak – Northeastern Ohio, G003

Ruthann Omer – Pittsburgh, G004

Jamie Tylicki – Central Ohio, G001

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