Region G Award Winners

Region G Section Anniversary Awards

Celebrating their 10-year charter anniversary is Robert Morris University

Celebrating their 20-year charter anniversary is:

–       The Bluegrass Professional Section

–       Gannon University

–       University of Akron

–       Miami University

Celebrating their 25-year anniversary is Wright State University

Celebrating their 35-year anniversary is University of Louisville

Celebrating their 40-year anniversary is the South Ohio Professional Section

Region G Membership Anniversary Awards

Over 75 members were celebrating membership anniversaries.  Celebrating 40th anniversaries are Sonya Hanczar, Beverly Bross-Kelly, Alison Haskins, and Sharon Lindquist-Skelley.  Also, celebrating her 60th membership anniversary with SWE is Marion Blood.


Region G Achieving Section Award

These awards are based on a Collegiate Section’s ability to meet SWE’s Strategic Priorities of Professional Excellence, Globalization and Advocacy. All applications for this award are assigned points to determine the award levels, which are Gold, Silver, Bronze, Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Participation. We are pleased to announce that we have one Silver Award winners and one Gold Award winner for the Achieving Collegiate Section Award in 2014. The applications contained extensive detail and support to illustrate the time, effort, and creativity that went in to achieving their section goals and upholding SWE’s strategic priorities while doing so.

Achieving Collegiate Section, Silver Award: The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University received the Region G Achieving Collegiate Silver Award for 2014. The OSU SWE section supported the strategic priorities through a diverse set of events. Some highlights included The Mr. Engineer Pageant, which was a fundraiser for Columbus City Schools, a Career Fair Boot Camp, which was a joint event with Central Ohio, and a picnic for incoming freshman with other student organizations to educate them about how to get more involved with SWE.

Achieving Collegiate Section, Gold Award: Carnegie Mellon University

Receiving the Region G Achieving Collegiate Section Gold Award for 2014 is Carnegie Mellon University. They have executed many events in fiscal year 2014 that directly align with the SWE strategic priorities. Their section features events such as volunteering to repair wheelchairs, hosting their annual high school day event, executing a successful mentoring program with undergraduates, campus activity fairs, and the graduate student community “Grad Greets”.

Region G Aspiring Collegiate Program Award

University of Dayton

The Region G Aspiring Program Award is awarded to a collegiate section with the best program for career guidance, outreach or professional development.  The Region G Aspiring Programming collegiate award for 2014 goes to University of Dayton.

Their program, “The GE Aviation Networking and Valerie Young Seminar” was a professional development event focused on connecting collegians in STEM fields with professionals at General Electric. This group also attended a seminar by internationally known speaker and author, Dr. Valerie Young, on the “Imposter Syndrome”. The diverse group of students and professionals, engineers, scientists and mathematicians, and males and females, were exposed to the topics of confidence and self-esteem. The key takeaway from Dr. Young was “Understand yourself, know that you can be successful, and take charge of your life”. This event harmonized with the SWE Mission by encouraging all in attendance to reach their full potential.

Region G Aspiring Professional Program Award


The Region G Aspiring Program Award is awarded to a professional section with the best program for career guidance, outreach, or professional development. The recipient for this award for 2014 is the Bluegrass Section.

Their outreach program was a joint event with the local Girl Scout section called “Girls Enjoying Math and Science”. The section presented an hour long, hands-on activity called “the Engineering Behind the Chocolate Chip Cookie”. This involved a mutli-step approach to illustrate the importance of lean manufacturing in the production of chocolate chip cookies. The girl scouts also learned about the inventor and patent agreement surrounding the cookie and also the chemistry behind baking them. This innovative outreach program related engineering with one of the girl scouts biggest fundraisers, cookie sales! They were able to reach out to nearly 50 young ladies with an interest in STEM.

Region G GEM Award

Mary Ann Walsh

The Region G Gem Award is given to a professional who has advanced and achieved successes in her engineering or technical career, has demonstrated outstanding technical excellence, and has consistently supported women in science, engineering, math, and technology. Eligible candidates must have at least 10 years of professional experience and the application for this award requires letters of recommendation from the nominator, a SWE leader, their manager and a professional colleague.

We are excited to recognize Mary Ann Walsh as the Region G GEM award recipient for FY14!

Mary Ann is a Principal Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company and a SWE life member in the Pittsburgh section. As a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, she has worked in the nuclear industry her entire career. She plays an integral role on behalf of her company with nuclear plant evaluations that are being initiated by the nuclear regulatory commission. Her diverse capabilities allowed her to experience manufacturing, casting of parts, machining, welding, material and component certification, and vendor communication.

Mary Ann has been involved with SWE since her college years and her SWE resume is highlighted with two-terms as the Region G Governor. Her passion for outreach to young women in STEM fields extends beyond SWE with support of Mathcounts, FIRST Robotics, and the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science just to name a few. She is also highly involved with her Alma Mater, The University of Pittsburgh, the American Nuclear Society, Toastmasters International, and Women in Nuclear.

Congratulations to all the Region G Award winners!


2 thoughts on “Region G Award Winners

  1. Hey Ruth!
    Great post 🙂
    Regarding member anniversary awards … The women you have listed were those attending conference; overall there were 75 people. Can you please revise your post to be more generic and inclusive without listing everyone? I think it is worth recognizing Alison Haskins and her 40th member anniversary. I have copied the awards co-chairs for any further guidance.

    ~ Lisa


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