SWE Region G Call for Nominations for FY15/16 Officers

The Region G Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for FY15/16 for the following positions:

Region G Secretary 
Region G Treasurer

Both positions are a two year term which begin July 1st 2014 and end June 30th 2016.

Eligibility and term of office for Secretary and Treasurer

1.   Must be members of the region 
2.   Must be either voting members of the Society or collegiate members who meet the qualifications stated in the Society bylaws for professional membership. 
3.    Collegiate members may be candidates if they will be members of the region and will qualify for professional membership before the start of the term of office (July1, 2014); however they must meet these requirements in order to serve. Any officer who is a collegiate member shall have the right to vote during the performance of duties in that position without gaining any additional voting rights in the region.
4.   The secretary and treasurer shall serve for a term of two fiscal years – FY15/16.

In addition, there are four SWE leadership competencies that each future leader should possess to some degree:  Leadership Abilities, Communication, Business Knowledge & Management, and Self-Management & Development.  The SWE Leadership Competency Model describes the competencies and provides additional information on requirements and duties for each position.  Please review the skills, leadership competencies, interests, and SWE experience of members you are familiar with, and use the nomination form to self-nominate or recommend appropriate candidates.

Please use the application/nomination form for the Region G Officer Application Packet .   The application form contains additional information on the description of the role and requirements for the role.  

Applications should be sent to the Region G Nominating Committee Chair, Helen Patricia.Applications must be received by midnight CT March 28, 2014.  If you have questions feel free to contact any of the members of the Nominating Committee. 


Helen Patricia – FY14 Region G Nominating Committee Chair and FY14 Region G Nominating Committee Members:
Margaret Adriatico 
Jamie Tylicki 
Ruthann Omer 
Karin Bozak 

One thought on “SWE Region G Call for Nominations for FY15/16 Officers

  1. Ruth,

    Thank you for sharing the call for nominations on the Region G Blog!

    -Karin B. from the Nominating Committee

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