March Hot Topic- Section Best Practices

Last month we had the Region G conference, and a lot of best practices were shared from different sections.  Here are a few, feel free to share any of your own!  Many of these best practices were used by many sections.  If there is a name of a school in parenthesis, you can ask them for more information about how that worked for them.

  • Food brings everyone together!
  • Relaxing socials where interaction can happen are awesome!
  • Starting a mentor/mentee program
  • Having large speed dating events or socials that are focused on mentoring are a good place to start!
  • Officer meet and greet (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Faculty Appreciation Dinner (Case Western Reserves and Geneva COllege)
  • Professionally Polished (University of Dayton)
  • Exec bonding event (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Communication – use google drive! (various schools)
  • Junkyard wars (Case Western Reserves)
  • Middle School Outreach Program (University of Cincinnati)
  • Meetings with other sections


Ruth Williams

Region G RCCE


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