Hot Topic: SWE Award Applications

Has your section had a very successful year?  Do you have a faculty advisor that goes above and beyond?  Consider applying for a SWE award!  There are many awards to be won through SWE.  The most important thing is just to APPLY.  There are times that awards to unclaimed because no one applies!  If you apply, you might not win, but if you don’t apply, you DEFINITELY won’t win!  There are awards available for sections and individuals, both collegiate and professional.

Make sure you start the application process early so you can devote sufficient time and effort into the application.  You will need your SWE ID number and membership information, information about the section/individual/event, and supporting documents specified in the application packet.  Because of this, it is good to leave plenty of time to find all of these materials.  If you’re anything like me this could take a few days!

Click here to view the section awards available at the societal.  These award applications are all due on July 1st.  You can click here to view the page for individual awards at the societal level.  The deadline for individual awards has already passed, but you can at least get an idea for next year.  Remember, someone has to win, so why not you!  You can also click here to view collegiate competitions.  These have varying deadlines.  Outstanding Collegiate Section/ Outstanding New Collegiate Section is due May 31st, Collegiate Technical Poster Competition is due June 15th, Boeing Team Tech Competition is due January 1st, 2015, and the SME Bowl is in October 2015.

I hope you all consider applying for awards, I want to see lots of Region G on stage in L.A. at WE14!


Ruth Williams

Region G RCCE


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