Lots of updates!

We have lots of updates to share! 


Section Awards

SWE offers a wide variety of awards for collegiate, professional and MALs that acknowledge outstanding contributions in the areas of Communications, Membership, Multicultural Activities, Outreach Programs, and Professional Development.  Deadline for all Section Awards is July 1, 2014 at 11:59 PM CDT.


End-of-year Updates

Leadership rosters due June 30, so all FY15 leaders have access to the Leadership Reports at the start of the fiscal year, July 1.  Deadline for FY14 financial reports is July 31; one month following the close of the previous fiscal year. 

http://leadership.swe.org/  Submitting these on-time or earlier, will prevent any delays in the distribution of your first FY15 membership rebate.

Renew your SWE membership!

Don’t forget to renew your SWE membership by June 30!  If you have a C2C membership, all you should have to do is click to renew, you don’t have to pay anything.  If you have another type of membership you’ll have to pay to renew.  Click here to renew your membership.  Click here for more information on SWE membership.


WE14 Registration

Registration for the WE14 conference in LA is live!  Be sure to register and book your hotels and flights.  Click here http://registration.experientevent.com/ShowWEC141/ to register.




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