Hot Topic- Transitioning

This time of year is a transitioning phase for many sections.  The new fiscal year begins on July 1st, and that is also when new officers take over.  Now is a good time to transfer information from outgoing officers to incoming officers so that the new fiscal year can begin smoothly.  If you have your elections early enough, you can have a sort of “training period” where outgoing officers can show incoming officers what their duties involve.


It is good to start this while you are still at school, before people leave campus.  For example, at WVU, we have an officer training session in April.  We bring in someone from the CLCC  and go over the basics of SWE.  This is mainly beneficial to younger officers, but it can also be good for older members to review.  After that, we go through several activities involving our strengths, weaknesses, and goals.  Then, we break up into smaller groups so that outgoing officers can talk to incoming officers one-on-one.


If you have already left school, there are still options for transitioning.  You can have a conference call, correspond by email, Skype, whatever you prefer.  Just make sure that the new officers have all the information they need for the upcoming year.  In addition to discussing duties, it is also important to pass along any advice.  Maybe as an officer you ran into certain road bumps, be sure to warn your successor and discuss how you overcame it.


It is also good to keep track of all your important documents and make sure they get passed down to the right people.  I recommend keeping both a physical and a digital copy, or at least a digital copy. You can use a big binder or a filing cabinet for physical copies, or a flash drive or Google Drive for digital copies, but keep in mind there are also many other options. Keep track of important contacts, bylaws, directions for recurring events, etc.  If you are an outgoing officer, try to be available for questions.  It’s easy to say “It’s not my job anymore, see ya!” but then you might leave your successor feeling lost.  Just be prepared to answer the occasional email if the new officer gets stuck or needs help.  We’re all here to help each other!


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