Registration OPEN for Region G conference

Society of Women Engineers Region G Conference 2015

Back to the Future

February 6-8, 2015

West Virginia University

West Virginia University (WVU) is proud to host the Society of Women Engineers 2015 Region G Conference in Morgantown, WV!  Registration,  Call for Papers, and Sponsorships are officially OPEN.

Great Scott, don’t delay, the time machine is moving fast!


All registration should be completed on the Region G website under the registration tab: http://regiong.swe.org/registration.html

–From now through January 4th registration will be:

*Members: $50 for collegiate attendees and $100 for professionals.
*Non-members: $50 for collegiate attendees
and $100 for professionals. 

–After January 4th the price jumps to $65/$125 for collegiate/professionals members, and $85/$165 for collegiate/professionals non-members respectively.

Registration will NOT be accepted after January 23rd.

–If you have been secured as one of our conference speakers your registration fee is 50% off.

–If your company is sponsoring this year’s conference and they have asked you to be one of their representatives, your registration may be included in their sponsorship.

Each registrant will need to complete the form on the conference website, and payment can be make electronically or sent via check to the address below (if sending a check please indicate your section, as well as the number and type of registrations).

Society of Women Engineers
c/o Dr. John Zondlo
Chemical Engineering Department
West Virginia University
PO Box 6102
Morgantown, WV 26505

This year’s conference will feature 2 tours:
–A PRT ride on our monorail system for a full tour of WVU’s campus – FREE!
–A tour of the Morgantown Brewing Company for an inside-look at the distillation process, followed by a beer tasting. This tour is limited to 40 people, ages 21 and up. Please sign up during registration – cost: $7

Call for Papers and Speakers

–Rapid Fire Research Competition– submit an abstract – one page or less – for a single-slide presentation.  Collegiate members are especially encouraged to submit their undergraduate or graduate research project for a presentation.  You will gain experience talking about your research, to a non-threatening audience of your peer SWE members. Selected participants will be required to summarize their research on a single slide and present their topic for less than five minutes.

–Speakers/Panelists – The conference committee is also seeking panel members for the following:
SWE After Graduation: 3-4 Professional members who can talk about how their company works with them to stay involved in SWE, leadership rolls within the professional section, region, senate, etc. This was a very popular session last year.
Climbing the Leadership Ladder: Finding a Mentor that can also be a Sponsor/Champion: Seeking professionals(*) who have advanced in their career and along the way have had the support of others either above or below them on the corporate ladder.  The professionals would share their lessons learned and best practices so that other can learn from them.
(*) Speaker’s company is requested to sponsor at the Gold level or above. Please contact us for more information or sponsorship packet.

Speaker submissions must include your name, school or employer, SWE membership information, contact information (email address) and a short summary of your topic and a biography so that the committee can evaluate your submission.  Email to conference-g@swe.org

Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated on a first come basis, until the speaker openings are filled.


Region G is requesting that Professional members give a sponsorship packet to their employer and collegiate members give a sponsorship packet to their graduate studies department.  This will ensure all companies and universities are represented at the conference and in particular, at the career fair.  See our current list of sponsors on the Region G conference website.  Sponsorship packets are available on the website http://regiong.swe.org/conference-sponsorship.html

Additional Information

Additional information about this year’s conference such as lodging information and the Schedule of Events can be found at http://regiong.swe.org/region-g-conference.html
Please contact conference-g@swe.org if you have any questions.

See you in February!

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