Getting to Know Your Region Team: Tabitha Voytek

School, Major, Grad Year: Carnegie Mellon University, Physics PhD, 2015
What is your SWE position and what do you do?: Collegiate Leadership Coach (CLCC) Region Team Lead. CLCC is a society committee that provides coaching for the collegiate sections (for free) including training modules that can be presented at schools or virtual coaching via email or skype. As team lead, I’m in charge of coordinating our activities and budget in the region.

Current/Previous Involvement in SWE/years:
Member, 2004-Present
Collegiate Leadership Coach, 2007-Present
Region Graduate Representative, 2011-Present
Graduate Member Coordinator-Elect/Coordinator, 2011-2013
Collegiate Section Vice-President/President, 2005-2007
Boeing Team Tech Competition, 3rd Place Finish, 2005 & 2006
Plus multiple other section committee roles over the years

Favorite outreach event you’ve done with SWE?: 
I think my favorite was actually getting to visit a school and talk with students (although that was years ago)

Favorite thing about SWE?: The huge network of women in STEM that I’ve been able to develop over the years including friends from all over the world

What do you like to do outside of SWE?: I’m a Science Fiction/Fantasy nerd (books, comics, movies, tv, etc.). I’m also a big craft person and often have sewing/crochet/knitting projects in progress.

Any advice for aspiring engineers?: Figure out what gives you joy in your field and try to find a way to include that in your day-to-day work. For example, I really like getting my hands dirty and actually building things and then getting to use the things I build to do science. So I made sure to find a professor/research project that lets me to both experiment building and data analysis.
Anything else?: Your 20’s are a good time to be adventurous and take risks so don’t be afraid to do something new/unfamiliar. You may end up finding a new passion, or at least have a fun time and have some good stories to tell. I have a dozen crazy stories from my work travel that I love to tell people, so if you see me in person feel free to ask.

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