SWE Collegiate Members Make Region G PROUD During Schlumberger Stilettos to Steel Toes (S2S) Essay Competition

Late last year, Schlumberger sponsored the Stilettos to Steel Toes (S2S) Essay, in which collegiates from particular schools could enter an essay contest about how they can blaze their own trail while pursuing an engineering degree.

Four universities from Region G were eligible to participate, with the following number of submissions per school mentioned below:
Ohio State University: 109
University of Pittsburgh: 46
Carnegie Mellon University: 32
Penn State University: 336 (unofficial: most entries)

We are proud that the national winner, Gabriella Marinescu, calls Region G home as she attends Ohio State University (Class of 2015).

Here are some notes from Gabriella about the contest, what inspires her, and how sometimes dreams really do come true:


I actually heard about the essay contest last year, but since I was a freshmen I could not apply. This year I got an email from my SWE chapter asking more girls to submit essays because we were quickly falling behind in the number of submissions. I hadn’t given much thought to applying before, to be quite honest I thought they really were looking for juniors or seniors. However, since I would be helping my chapter out, I decided to apply.

When I read the essay topic, I immediately thought about the one thing that has been pushing me forward all these years to pursue my major in Computer Science & Engineering: Disney. I’ve grown up with a love for all things Disney. I was born in California, a half an hour drive from Disneyland, so naturally it became a second home to me. After my family and I moved to Ohio, we still made it a tradition to go back to Disneyland or Disney World in the summer. I grew up with Disney, so it became a part of who I was.

When I was writing the essay the words came naturally to me. There was no strategy, no planning. I just wrote what I felt, and I still can’t believe those words led me to winning the grand prize out of over 1000 essays! I recently accomplished one of my short-term goals. For weeks I was waiting to hear back from an internship position with, none other than, Disney! I recently was accepted into the Disney College Program in Walt Disney World, and I can’t describe how excited I am to be working for the Mouse! While it’s not an engineering position, it opens up a lot of doors, even possibly to a long term goal of mine like working for Disney, or their subsidiary, Pixar.

I try to stay involved on campus as much as possible. I am very involved in WiE (Women in Engineering) here at The Ohio State University doing community service and other events, and I am trying to get more involved with my SWE chapter. I was Vice President for Mobile App Club, and I am currently working in IT on campus. Before college I was really involved in 4-H, leading my clubs, raising animals, sewing, and doing public speaking demonstrations. I also ran track and played volleyball. All of these activities have made me who I am, and will continue to move me forward to the person I want to be. ​

To read Gabriella’s essay, visit: http://www.stilettostosteeltoes.com/submitEssay.php


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