Region G Conference Updates and SWE member spotlight: Ali Kowalski

TOMORROW (Friday) is the LAST DAY to register for the SWE Region G Conference, which is going to be held from February 6-8 at West Virginia University (visit this site to register!).

*Members: $65 for collegiate attendees and $125 for professionals.
*Non-members: $85 for collegiate attendees and $165 for professionals. 

Some updates and requests for the Region G Conference — Call for Papers and Speakers: 

1. Rapid Fire Research Competition: Submit an abstract – one page or less –  for a single-slide presentation.  Collegiate members are especially encouraged to submit their undergraduate or graduate research project for a presentation.  You will gain experience talking about your research, to a non-threatening audience of your peer SWE members. Selected participants will be required to summarize their research on a single slide and present their topic for less than five minutes.
2. SWE After Graduation: 3-4 Professional members who can talk about how their company works with them to stay involved in SWE, leadership rolls within the professional section, region, senate, etc. This was a very popular session last year
**Email to conference-g@swe.org. Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated on a first come basis, until the speaker openings are filled. **

WVU SWE, especially the Conference Chair, Ali Kowalski, has been working very hard to plan a conference beneficial to both collegiate and professional Region G members!  Here’s a spotlight to tell us a little more about the Conference Chair who does it all, Ali Kowalski.
School, Major, Grad Year: West Virginia University, Biometric Systems, Graduating May 2015
What is your SWE position?: Region G Conference Chair
Current/Previous Involvement in SWE/years: I have been involved in SWE since 2012, supporting various officers and planning our annual events
Favorite outreach event you’ve done with SWE?: Participating in Invent It Build It at WE13 was such a moving evperience. There were soany aren’t who wanted the best for their kids and we got to help point them in the right direction and show them that no matter where they came from theit kids can have a bright future
Favorite thing about SWE?: Getting the opportunity to meet with young ladies and their parents to show the importance of a good education, being role models for them, and promoting the STEM field.
What do you like to do outside of SWE?: In addition to SWE, I am involved in IEEE, SSAB, (The Student Society for the Advancement of Biometrics), and Chi Alpha. I also work part time at Primanti Brothers. When I find downtime, which is rare, I love to try new restaurants and binge watch Gilmore Girls
Any advice for aspiring engineers?: Get involved, reach out, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. No one gets everything on the first try 🙂
Anything else?: If all you do is go to class, you’ll burn out and miss so many amazing experiences. Want to travel? Ask about study abroad. Want to learn more about a particular field or career? Reach out to your advisor. The main point is to put yourself out there and ASK! I’m sure you’ve heard this before but the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask 🙂

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