Outreach Metric Tool: A 60 Second How-To Guide

Has your section been involved in an outreach event anytime since September 2014? .. I thought so! Has someone from your section submitted the event to the Outreach Metric Tool?

Explained in a nifty 60 second guide below (written by Region G’s Outreach Coordinator, Mary Zeis — thanks Mary!), the events can be any SWE or non-SWE organized K-12 outreach event that SWE members have helped out with.

Events held anytime since September 2014 can still be submitted (aka, you can backlog your events after the fact).  See the link below, and help Region G reach our goal of 39 entries… we still need 17 more!!

60 Seconds Guide to the Outreach Metric Tool


Got a minute?

Learn how to report your K-12 Outreach event using the new Outreach Metric Tool.

(0:54) SWE’s Outreach Committee is collecting information on K-12 Outreach that SWE members do.  They’ll use the data to make strategic decisions and to share with sponsors to show our impact.

(0:44) The tool is a Survey Monkey online questionnaire – just 10 questions!

(0:40) Here’s what we’re collecting:

  1. Event name
  2. Event date and duration (check the box)
  3. Event type (check the box)
  4. Number of girls and number of boys participating
  5. Approximate age of students (check the box)
  6. Number of adult guests – not volunteers
  7. Number of SWE member volunteers
  8. Number of other volunteers
  9. Partner Organization(s) participating (check the box)
  10. Level of effort from section (check the box)

(0:16) It’s that simple! Just enter your data every time your section does K-12 Outreach! Any member can enter the data at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/omtool

(0:08) Region G has a set a goal of 39 entries.  Help us exceed that goal!  Please report any K-12 Outreach you’ve done since September 1, 2014

0:03, 0:02, 0:01, done!

Got another minute?  You can learn more about the Outreach Metric Tool at swe.org.  Click on the Outreach tab, then click on SWE Members.

Got questions?  Send them to maryzeis@gmail.com (Region G Outreach Coordinator)



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