Region G Awards

Ohio Valley Region G celebrated the accomplishments of its members and sections during the recent Region Conference hosted at West Virginia University on February 6-8, 2015.


  • 60 years – Betty Barnes
  • 40 years – Keigh Davis, Betty Haire, Haydee Hetrick, Mary Zeis
  • 30 years – Jacqueline Cochrane, Michele Hiener, Lisa Morrison, Jean Panos
  • 25 years – Dianne Leveridge, Susan Mals, Nancy Shaw
  • 20 years – Margot Damaser, Laurie Laird
  • 10 years – Jessica Gmeinder, Jessica Lear, Victoria Morton, Kelly Shields, Karla Tankersley, Anita Todd, Jennifer Tullai, Tracy Van Tassel, Tabitha Voytek


  • 50 years – The Ohio State University
  • 40 years – Pennsylvania State University, Case Western Reserve University
  • 20 years – Stark State College


Mirroring the Society Outstanding Collegiate Section Award, applicants are judged against the SWE Strategic Priorities based on an overview of programs and events for the past calendar year. The applications contained extensive detail and support to illustrate the time, effort, and creativity that contributed to achieving their section goals while supporting SWE’s objectives.

Gold Level Recognition

  • Carnegie Mellon University

Silver Level Recognition

  • The Ohio State University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • West Virginia University


This year, the Region expanded its Programing Awards into three categories to exemplify the SWE Strategic Priorities: Advocacy, Globalization, and Professional Excellence.


  • The Ohio State University (First Place, Collegiate Section)
  • Central Ohio (First Place, Professional Section)
  • Pittsburgh (Runner Up, Professional Section)


  • Northeastern Ohio professional section (First Place, Professional Section)

Professional Excellence

  • Carnegie Mellon University (First Place, Collegiate Section)
  • The Ohio State University (Runner Up, Collegiate Section)
  • Bluegrass (First Place, Professional Section)
  • Northeastern Ohio (Runner Up, Professional Section)
  • Central Ohio (Honorable Mention, Professional Section)


Two collegiate section presidents were honored with the Aspiring Leader Award for outstanding service to SWE, leadership ability, and success in their academic studies.

  • Dhanu Thiyagarjan (Winner, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Ruth Williams (Runner Up, West Virginia University)

Thanks to the Region G Awards Co-Chairs Amanda King and Kathryn Kukla and their Committee: Virginia Brandt, Christine Copa, Maureen Garnett, Laurie Laird, Bethann O’Malley, Tabitha Voytek, and Mary Zeis.

Region Governor, Lisa Rimpf, was honored to accept the spirit award on behalf of the members for the WE14 Celebrate SWE! Photo Scavenger Hunt Slideshow.


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