Senate Bylaws Proposed Change

Dear Region G,

The Senate is currently considering Bylaw Amendment S1602 which would allow the senate to vote on future Bylaw Amendments electronically. A full overview of the proposed changes are below.

The Senate will vote on this motion at Society Conference, but before we do, we would like your feedback! If you prefer to send your feedback by email, please contact rcs-g@swe.org


Kathryn, Elizabeth, and Jessica – Your Region G Senators

S1602: Bylaws Amendments by Electronic Ballot


  • In the case of a need to vote on a bylaws amendment without the benefit of real time face-to-face debate, the proposal is to allow an electronic vote requiring 90% of the voting members of the Senate to pass.


  • In the Senate we often have proposed bylaws amendments that are either very straightforward and non-controversial that are placed on the consent agenda or they may need to be approved prior to a face to face meeting in order for the Society to conduct timely business.
  • Only amendments that would pass easily, i.e. without needed face-to-face discussion, would be proposed for electronic ballot and would be reviewed via teleconference and voted on electronically.
  • If the required electronic percentage is not obtained (90% of the voting members of the Senate), the amendment would automatically be put on the agenda for the next in-person meeting.

Changes Proposed (underlined)

A. These bylaws may be amended at any in-person meeting of the senate or by an electronic ballot vote.

B. unchanged

C. The exact text of the amendment shall be made available to the membership by posting on the Society’s website at least forty-five days before the senate meeting at which the vote will be taken or the date on which the electronic ballot is sent.Copies of the proposed amendments shall be sent to voting members upon request. The senators shall be notified when proposed amendments are posted.

D. Two-thirds of the entire voting membership of the senate at an in-person meeting or ninety percent of the entire voting membership of the senate by electronic ballot shall be required to amend these bylaws. If the electronic ballot requirement is not achieved, the proposal shall automatically be placed on the agenda of the next in-person meeting.

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