Call for Nominations: Secretary, Treasurer, and Graduate Representative

Call for N0minations: Secretary and Treasurer
The Region G Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for FY17/18 for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. To be eligible for these positions, potential candidates:

  1. Must be members of the region
  2. Must be either voting members of the Society or collegiate members who meet the qualifications stated in the Society bylaws for professional membership.
  3. Collegiate members may be candidates if they will be members of the region and will qualify for professional membership before the start of the term of office; however they must meet these requirements in order to serve. Any officer who is a collegiate member shall have the right to vote during the performance of duties in that position without gaining any additional voting rights in the region.
  4. The secretary and treasurer shall serve for a term of two fiscal years.

Applications for these positions should be sent to April Keene, the FY16 Region G Nominating Committee Chair, by midnight EST on March 31st. Her email is Keene_April@bah.com. For more information, check out the Nomination page on the Region G website.

Call for Interest: Graduate Representative
One to two representatives are needed for Region G. These reps must be a collegiate member of the region, either graduate or undergraduate, and have the ability to travel to the Annual Conference, the Regional Conference, and the Leadership Summit. See the packet below for more information.

Graduate Representative Interest Packet

Notifications of interest are due to the current Region G Graduate Representatives, Sarah Roth (roths86@gmail.com) and Emily Siler (es226609@ohio.edu), and the Region G Governor, Jamie Tylicki (jamie.tylicki1@gmail.com) by April 1, 2016. Questions can also be directed to the aforementioned contacts.


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