Miami University SWE Section wins Student Organization of the Year 

The Miami University SWE section won the 2016 Student Organization of the Year Award from the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership at Miami University. The section had many accomplishments from 2015-2016 that helped them win the award. They participated in National Engineers Week activities for the first time. They partnered with NSBE and Kode2Learn to host two nationally-recognized speakers; Chandra Brown, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing in the International Trade Commission of the United States Department of Commerce and Dr. Barry Kudrowitz, a faculty member at the University of Minnesota. These speakers were headliners of E-week at Miami and the first time the SWE section hosted an event open to all students across the university.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, their section also hosted its first full year of operation of a focused tutoring program aimed at retaining females in College of Engineering and Computing (CEC). This program employs female SWE members as one-on-one tutors for CEC students requesting help in seven different disciplines (calculus, chemistry, differential equations, physics, computer science, and mechanical and chemical engineering courses). 

Miami SWE has best exemplified the theme of creativity and innovation through Girl Scout Day. The vice president of Miami SWE and chair of the event, Halle Miller, created an incredible curriculum that is both accessible and challenging for the ages of the girls participating in the event. Miami selected the theme of “Engineer for a Day” and seven different types of engineering were represented, ranging from mechanical to biomedical to environmental engineering. Activities at the stations included looking at different metals under a microscope, making key chains that represent the “DNA” in the girls’ names, constructing catapults, and making water filtration devices. Attendance at the event was doubled from last year, with 175 girls participating in the day portion of the event and 90 girls participating in the overnight/Science Olympics after the traditional Girl Scout Day event.

Congratulations Miami SWE!!!!
Former president, Katherine Bruce, accepting the award at Miami University.


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